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1883 JAN 1 Pastoral Letter announcing temporary relocation to Parepa Hall_rotated.pdf
Letter from pastor Rev. A.J. Palmer to the parish of Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church regarding the temporary relocation of worship services and classes during construction of the new church building.

Rev. Dr. De Witt Burton Thompson, pastor of the Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, speaks at the laying of the cornerstone of Temple Agudath Jeshorim. Exercises consisted of addresses by Max Lowenstein, past president of the congregation, Rev.…

PAUMC parishoners ca. 1920-1924.JPG
Photograph of parishioners standing in front of the 1884 church building (facing Park Avenue) ca. 1920-23 before its demolition in 1924.

1999.05.22  In honor of Philip A.C. Clarke.pdf
The program lists tributes by Bjorn Hanson, Thad Russell on behalf of Paul R. Russell, Harold W. Black, Charles W. Kim, Mark A. Else, Janice Harayda, Anna Delson, and Larry M. Morales. Music provided by James Bobick, Michael Craig, Tim O'Connor,…

1997.03.08 Dedication of Memorial Piano.pdf
Order of ceremony for the dedication of the Memorial Piano, given in memory of Robert Everett Bessey, Jane Elizabeth Brown and William Theodore Brown. Contains Mission Statement of the Park Avenue United Methodist Church 1996-1997, a list of…

1934.01.28 Worship bulletin.pdf
Order of worship for Sunday services at 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Dr. James J. Henry, pastor.

1927.03.13 Worship bulletin.pdf
Order of worship for 11:00 a.m. Sunday service. Peter C. Weyant, pastor.

1927.02.13 Worship bulletin.pdf
Order of worship for Sunday 11:00 a.m. service. Peter C. Weyant, pastor.

1899 Parish Directory.pdf
This directory contains a preface by the publisher, Pastor's Letter, description of the church's societies and organizations, a list of church anniversaries and historic facts and dates. The weekly church calendar appears on p. 14. Officers and…

1885 Sunday School bylaws.pdf
The Constitution contains ten Articles outlining the organization of the "Sabbath School of the Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church." There are sixteen Articles in the By-laws, which describe the operations of the school.
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